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The negativity and anger we hold on to - holds us back. Ho'Oponopono is one of the strongest meditations there is for releasing and moving forward in life. Based on an Ancient Polynesian method of bringing Harmony into the community, Ho'Oponopono is now being used in our current legal system before something goes into court as a form of mediation.

PONO means "rightness" ~ PonoPono means Authentic Rightness (like a chair is meant to be sat in) Ho'O means ... to make. Ho'Oponopono therefor means TO MAKE AUTHENTICALLY RIGHT!

Use Ho'Oponopono with ANYTHING from a disturbance of relationship, work or personal; disharmony at home with a loved one and even a blocked flow of goods, like money, job or health.

When you do this, you are "cleaning" the attachment of

Karma to that person, situation or object. When it is clean, then there is a positive outcome. Disharmony becomes Harmony. Lack becomes Abundance. Anger becomes Peace.

Living FREE from guilt, shame, blame, remorse and limitation …

Without judgment or resentment.


Ho'Oponopono Meditation

Take a deep breath ~ hold in your mind the person or situation

you are "cleaning" and recognize that whatever this is ...

it lies within you through your ancestors of all time.


Release all blame, resentment, guilt or judgment.


Then repeat the mantra several times for

each person or situation that lives with you.

I'm Sorry. (in breath)

Please Forgive Me. (out breath)

Thank You. (in breath)

I Love You. (out breath)

All is release back to the Uni-verse.

The place where it all begins and

where it all ends.

Say a silent Prayer of Gratitude, knowing it is done easily, effortlessly and with harm to no one and no thing.

With Grace, Ease, Joy and Glory.


As an experiment:

Take one thing in your life and bring it to mind for 7 days and say the Ho'oponopono Prayer 3 times a day, repeating the Prayer at minimum 3 times

1) When you first wake up

2) At some time during the day

3) As you are going to bed.

See what miracles take place!

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